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Sniffen and Spellman is a full-service law firm uniquely positioned to serve clients in a wide-array of practice areas from South Florida to Pensacola. Our Firm is built on the following four principles:


The strength of Sniffen and Spellman is embodied in the dedication of its lawyers to the service of the Firm’s clients and its ability to handle cases of all types and sizes including cases involving issues of national importance, involving class and collective actions, and with millions of dollars at stake.


The Firm’s lawyers are able to handle cases of this nature given their diverse set of experiences. The Firm’s lawyers are adept in advising clients before litigation is even instituted, through the filing of a lawsuit, to trial, and in appellate courts. 


Our broad experience allows the Firm to always remain agile in the service of clients. The Firm prides itself on providing timely, practical, and creative advice to solve clients’ problems.


The Firm understands that often times it is not just a service provider to a client but a partner in the client’s success. The Firm’s commitment to excellence and to client service always guides its lawyers’ work.

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The white bengal tiger, contrary to popular belief, is not a separate species of tiger. Rather, the white bengal tiger is an exceptionally rare variant of the bengal tiger. The white bengal tiger has been Sniffen and Spellman’s mascot since the founding of the law firm by Rob Sniffen over 15 years ago for what it represents. The combination of strength, experience, agility, and commitment that guides Sniffen and Spellman’s philosophy and dedication to clients.

Just as there are many bengal tigers in the wild, there are many law firms. Just as the white bengal tiger is an exceptionally rare tiger, Sniffen and Spellman is an exceptionally rare law firm. The Firm’s commitment to excellence and customer service sets it apart from others.


123 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301


West palm beach

605 North Olive Street, 2nd Floor
West Palm Beach, FL 33401



700 South Palafox Street, Suite 95
Pensacola, FL 32502


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